3 ways to strengthen your Purpose

As a child I loved our weekend trips to the beach, to splash in the waves and play in the sand. Building sand castles was one of my favorite beach activities, especially the ultra wet ones that you could drip from your hand ultimately making a sand version of Elsa’s Frozen castle. The key to a great sand castle, no matter what kind you wanted to make, was to have the right proportion of wet and dry sand for building the foundation. A nice solid foundation would build your castle strong and tall. But, even with the perfect proportion of wet to dry sand, once the waves came in and the wind picked up, the castle would crumble. Why?

Because the foundation was weak and shifty.

Contrast the foundation of beach sand castles with my childhood tree house. While in reality it was simple, in my childhood mind, it was the coolest, most pimped out tree house fully suited with a cool trap door and indoor plumbing thanks to my brother’s ingenuity, some 2 liter water bottles and plumbing hoses. This tree house was basically a permanent part of the yard because when my Dad built it, he built a foundation for the base with concrete. Central Florida storms would come and go and the tree house was unshakable.

The foundation we build on determines the strength we live from.

And central to the foundation is our Purpose...the reason we exist.

What is your Purpose and how strong is it?

As you reflect on the strength of your Purpose, I am going to give you 3 elements of a strong purpose:

1. Others focused: leaves a legacy

When we are not the central focus of our lives, we have an opportunity to make an impact that will live long past our lives on earth.

When we are not the central focus, we will stand stronger, be bolder, dream bigger and do more than we ever would if it was all about us.

2. Timeless: transcends seasons of life

The more your purpose can transcend your season or your job, the stronger of a foundation it will create.

Instead of defining our purpose as “I exist to parent teenagers” or “I exist to work for ______ company” it may be “I exist to help others grow” or “I exist to strengthen the culture around me.”

3. Inspiring: motivational to you

Your purpose should be compelling and create a default for action in you.

The words of your purpose should be unique as your fingerprints.

It doesn't need to motivate anyone else or be words that inspire anyone else, just you.

So what is your purpose and how can you ensure it is Others focused, Timeless, Inspiring?

Because when we have a strong purpose, a strong foundation, we…

  • live out our lives with intention

  • make a meaningful mark on our culture around us.

  • confidently walk through the chaos life throws at us.

  • guide our families and communities in truth.

Let's build strong foundations full of purpose, intention and Focus.

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