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An Easy Way to Assess Your Culture

Before we can shift the culture to improve the overall experience, we’ve got to stop and assess what our current culture actually is.

And, this works for our organizations and for our homes too! Each of our homes hold a culture, a vibe. Is it what we want, or is there an opportunity to assess and change?

Take a look at this list of culture descriptors.

Growth Opportunity Encouragement Humility

Integrity Negativity Lack of responsibility Innovation

Rudeness Curiosity Improvement Apathy

Competition Persistence Laziness Collaboration

Trust Anxiety Accountability Out for yourself

Teamwork Impact Inclusion Transparency

Discipline Fun Unity Honesty

Responsibility Flexibility Burn out Gossip

Circle the ones that you think describe your current culture at work and which describe your culture at home.

Now, think about the culture you want at work and home. What kind of culture does your company value? Which does your family value? What kind of culture do you see as valuable? Underline the words that represent where you’d like to see your culture go.

Got it? Great! If you underlined more than 3-5 words, stop here and try to narrow it down. While I’d love for us all to dream big when it comes to influencing culture for the better, we want to make sure we’re not biting off more than we can chew. So, think about which elements really matter most to you. Which ones can you actually impact? Focus there!

Then, think about what you can do to get there. What needs to shift in order to move the needle in your company’s culture? In your home culture? What can you do to impact the way customers experience your culture in real, tangible ways?

Maybe you want a culture of innovation at your job. So, you make a commitment to start asking more questions and trying new things to make that happen.

Maybe you want a culture of care at your company. So, you lead the way in making an effort to show your coworkers and customers that you’re working with empathy and kindness.

Maybe you want a culture of trust at home. So, you work hard to demonstrate you can be trusted with responsibilities and to show your family you trust them to do the same.

Maybe you want a culture of fun in your brand. So, you step up to implement small elements of fun for your coworkers and your customers.

The goal? To think about what behaviors, values, and actions you need to incorporate in order to allow the culture you want to flourish. To start making subtle shifts in culture that ultimately impact you, your coworkers, your company, and of course, your customers for the better.

To keep learning and growing, grab your copy of The Power of Customer Experience and check out thebook club video series and user guide for your team.


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