Thrive: Creating Clarity by Finding Focus

Each season of life begs for the clarity to make wise decisions in light of tomorrow hopes. For individuals, teams and organizations we have an opportunity to create clarity that compels us forward. We will do this by finding our Focus.

We don’t need more time in life, we need Focus.

Join us to uncover the 3 questions we must answer to find our Focus and ultimately create clarity that compels.

Stuck, Stalled & Stressed: Leadership Growth In Crisis

Stuck, stalled or stressed are not places anyone aspires to be, but the reality is many of us find ourselves there. 

  • Less than 50% of US workers feel they are in good jobs (Lumina, Bill & Melinda Gates, Omidyar)

  • 66% of employees are not engaged in their jobs (Gallup 2019)

  • Americans reported feeling stress, anger and worry at the highest levels in a decade and are considered the most stressed group in the world (Gallup 2019)


This isn’t where we want to be, but all too often it’s where we find ourselves. Find out how to use these seasons to declutter our minds, destress decision making, increase confidence and ensure we are living our lives on purpose.

Visionary: How to articulate a compelling vision

"Without vision people perish", these powerful words from years ago summarize the critical importance of vision. In our personal lives, teams and organizations, having the ability to articulate a preferred future is critical. Vision inspires us forward, aligns and focuses us to what matters and allows our decision making to become less stressful. Join us to find out how to craft a clear vision that inspires! 



5 Keys to an Exceptional Customer Experience

96% of Customers say that customer experience is critical for determining loyalty to a brand. But how often do you try to improve your Guest Experience but you find it doesn’t work? Why is that? Most organizations don't know where to focus and how to sustain. Find out how to have a Guest Experience that is defined by excellence and produces loyalty.

Growth In Challenge: How to Never Waste a Crisis

Crisis is often resisted and rarely welcomed in life or in business. Surprisingly, crisis holds within it a powerful opportunity of growth, only when embraced. Uncover the 4 areas of growth within crisis and how you can have a mindset to thrive in the hardest seasons.

Purpose: How to stand out in your Industry

What engages hearts, heads and hands in serving your Customers better than your competition? What inspires teams to be their best and continue to excel through various seasons? What lasts longer and takes you farther than you could without it? Purpose.

Understand the benefits of defining and implementing purpose in your organizations and teams and practically how to do it.


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