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The Power of Customer Experience
5 Elements to Make an Impact

Introduction: The Power of Customer Experience
Introduction: The Power of Customer Experience
Element 1: Choose Your Mindset
Element 2: Create Your Culture
Element 3: Know Your Customer
Element 4: Define Your Differentiation
Element 5: Pursue Innovation
Conclusion: Results When We Wo It Well


We all long to be a part of something bigger, something greater, something meaningful in this life. And whether you're the boss calling the shots, the employee making it happen, or the intern just starting out in your field, I believe you're uniquely positioned right where you are to make an impact in the place you spend so much of your time: your job! This book is designed to help growth-minded people like you see the power and potential they have to make an impact by changing the customer experience for their businesses and brands for the better.

They say...

“Elizabeth is a thought leader and champion for high impact customer experiences. I have no doubt this book, and her voice, will resonate with organizations large and small. Read The Power of Customer Experience – your customers will thank you!”

-Mark Miller, Best Selling Author and Vice President of High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A


"When it comes to making an impact through customer experience, I'd look no further than Elizabeth Dixon. An expert in the field, her fresh approach on the essentials of the customer experience is empowering for any employee, manager, boss, or business owner. She calls the reader to step up, take ownership, and do what’s in their power to make a positive impact on their customers that will ripple out far beyond what they may ever realize."

-Horst Schulze, Co-founder and Former President & CEO The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, author of Excellence Wins


“A business is no longer what it tells customers it is. A business is what customers tell other customers it is. This is why the customer experience is so crucial to the success of any business or non-profit. It’s also why Elizabeth’s book can be a game changer for your organization. I’ve known Elizabeth for almost 20 years now. She’s an incredible learner and leader, and she’s now sharing what she's learned with you. What you’ll learn from her book won’t just benefit you and your team. Most of all, it will benefit your customers.” 

-Jeff Henderson, Founding Pastor of Gwinnett Church, author of Know What You’re FOR and What To Do Next


“Elizabeth creates an exceptional customer experience with her book about customer experience. It’s an extremely relatable read that feels like Elizabeth is sitting next to you as you discuss the key principles and elements of a memorable customer experience. Perfect for young business students through business veterans, frontline folks and CEOs, this book illustrates how we all can make a difference for our employees and customers.” 

-Jonathan Portnoy, Manager of Hospitality Assurance, Southwest Airlines 



“Elizabeth's perspective on how making an impact on the customer experience provides collaborative and actionable scenarios that leaders, peers, and employees can easily adopt.” 

-Julie Boston-McGrath, Senior Manager of Hospitality, Southwest Airlines 



“This is the perfect book for our team members! Elizabeth has captured the essence of how we can make an impact in the lives around us, and this book will help our team realize their ability to make that difference in their day to day interactions.” 

-Miren Oca, Founder & CEO Ocaquatics Swim School



“This book is easy to read but has good substance that is thought provoking. It organizes the numerous aspects of how to excel at customer service into a nice package. It brings the insights to life with stories and provides questions and considerations throughout to make you think. This book will help you get out of your day to day and think about the impact you have at work and in life in general.” 

-Ryan Schlimpert, CIO Drury Hotels

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