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Defining Moments of Clarity

When was a defining moment of clarity in your life?

For many people defining moments of clarity come in two ways... (1) standing at a crossroads of decision or (2) blindsided by the unexpected.

Both of these hold similarities:

  1. they come with emotion and confusion

  2. they are a gateway into the future

Without defining moments of clarity we won't change and don't fully step into who we are created to be.

Blind-sided clarity, unexpected and uninvited, creates awareness for past choices (behaviors, priorities, or lack of priority) and a sudden discontent for where we find ourselves in the present.

It is medical diagnosis on a routine doctor visit and we realize how important our health is.

It is an unexpected house repair that reveals a need for more reserve cash.

It is a child sharing they are jealous of our smart phone or time spent not focused on them.

The busyness of our life often masks the consequences of our choices until we are blind-sided by something that rocks our reality.

Crossroads clarity ushers in a point of decision. We can go right or left, but not both. Quickly the questions and fears of what if we make the wrong choice can flood our minds.

Take the job or not?

This major or that?

Say yes or no?

Defining moments of clarity are gateways to our future because they hold within them a clear picture of who we want to be or what we want to be true in the future in a way that mobilizes us forward.

Out of our busyness and into intention.

Out of our blind spots and into growth.

Out of neglect and into priority.

So, if defining moments of clarity contain such power, it begs the question...can we create them? Can we define clarity for our life that catalyzes the future we hope to experience?

We can.

Two years ago some of the biggest, hairiest questions of life seemed so daunting it made me ask "does it have to be this way?". After weeks of conversations with great leaders and pondering internally, I found the answer to be, no, it doesn't have to be so complicated. It can be simple.

Simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Simple doesn’t mean everyone will do it. Simple simply means possibility. If you are willing to do the work, to put in the time, to make the change, it will pay great dividends.

Over the coming weeks, I am going to share with you how to create clarity that inspires and moves you forward in a direction you want to go.

For now, though, ask yourself:

When, What, Where...

- When was a defining moment of clarity for me?

- What was the impact to my life?

- Where would I be, had I not had that clarity?


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