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How to Stand Out In Your Job

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

My friend Kathy has a young son named Matthew. He was home from college after his freshman year and taking on a summer job to make some extra cash in this in-between season. His job? Delivering sandwiches for Jimmy Johns. Of course, the hustle factor was huge. As a company, Jimmy Johns prides themselves on being “freaky fast,” so part of Matthew’s job description was to be “freaky fast” at delivering those sandwiches.

On one particular day, Matthew was delivering an order to a professional office in Atlanta. He had two identical orders placed by the same customer, which Matthew knew couldn’t be correct. So when he arrived at the office with both orders in hand, Matthew took the time to talk through the issue with the customer. Rather than dropping the sandwiches and not considering it his problem anymore, Matthew made an effort to not just make it his problem but to solve the problem before he left. He was fast, yes, but he went above and beyond to be helpful, too.

The customer ended up chatting with Matthew after they sorted out the issue with the order, and, just as Matthew was about to leave, the customer stopped him.

“I’d like you to meet our recruiter,” he said, ushering Matthew over to talk to another employee in the building.

“Well, I see you’ve met our CEO,” the recruiter told Matthew as he sat down to chat.

That customer? The one Matthew went above and beyond to help? The one he made an impact on? That customer was the CEO of the entire company! And because he was so impressed with Matthew’s work ethic, he offered him an internship at the company right on the spot.

Matthew, being proactive and sorting out a mix up with his orders, caught the attention of the customer, who happened to be the CEO of this corporation, and that created more opportunity for Matthew in the future.

And I think the same can be true for you!

People notice people who do a good job at their job.

You never know who’s watching. You never know what might hang in the balance for you simply by choosing to do a good job at your job. You never know what opportunities could be on the horizon.

What’s in it for you to create exceptional customer experiences? I think the answer to that could be more than either one of us even realize yet! The opportunities you may find simply in doing a good job? That’s just one layer of what’s in it for you. On a deeper level, I think choosing to make an impact on your customers will help you tap into your sense of purpose in life.

What if your purpose in life could be expressed through your job? I don’t mean that your job should become your sole purpose in life. What I mean is that your job can be the platform through which some of that purpose is lived out. When our jobs become a way for us to express our purpose and get a paycheck, that’s a bonus!

If part of your purpose in life is to impact other people in a real and positive way, then I think you’ve come to the right place! Because what we’re going to dive into in The Power of Customer Experience will help you find specific ways to get paid for living out that purpose where you work. It will help you make an impact with a purpose!

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