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Two Attributes to Help You Add More Value: Curiosity & Clarity

Pursuing innovation isn’t just about pointing out the problems we see when we see them; it’s about offering possible solutions to help solve them, too. If you missed the article on who is capable of innovation, check it out here!

In order to do that, we have to approach them with curiosity and clarity. Pursuing innovation means that we look at everyday problems with curiosity to find a solution, and we communicate those possible solutions with clarity.

Think about where you are naturally with each of these elements.

Do you see a problem and immediately find solutions?

Do you try to move the solution forward until the problem is fixed?

Do you see problems as opportunities for creative innovation?

Do you find ways to communicate what you think can solve those issues with clarity?

Maybe you’re really pleased with the way you see yourself using curiosity and clarity when it comes to innovation at your job. Or maybe you see ways you can strengthen one or both of those qualities in yourself to better make an impact. Either way, it’s important to stay in the practice of developing more curiosity and communicating with more clarity when it comes to problems and solutions. Like any muscle, both are strengthened the more you put them to work!

To put our muscles to work, we came up with a game called “Could You Help Me Solve A Problem?” in our family. When we play it, it forces everyone to flex their curiosity and clarity muscles. First, we find a problem in our everyday lives. If we can’t come up with one, we get creative and make one up! The crazier the problem sounds, the better the game goes! Then, everyone tries to come up with as many ways to solve that problem as they possibly can. The last person to share a workable solution wins.

The other day we played this game with this posed problem: “I’m stuck on a cloud and need to get down.” See what I mean about the crazier the better in this game? My kids loved it! They were spouting off hilarious and creative answers for a long time, each one determined to be the last person to solve the problem. From flying unicorns to extremely tall slides, solutions emerged that allowed everyone to expand their curiosity as they thought about what to do and strengthen their clarity as they communicated their answers.

If you’re struggling to innovate—to see problems with curiosity and communicate solutions with clarity—then I’d encourage you to give this game a try for yourself! Maybe you don’t need to get off a cloud in the sky, but I’m sure you have plenty of issues you’ve run into at work that could benefit from your creativity in finding a solution.

Think about each hurdle customers may be experiencing at your brand. What glitches do you see them encountering on a regular basis? Think about those and ask yourself, “How can I help solve this problem?” Maybe you’ll come up with some really great, workable ideas that you can share with your leadership. Or maybe you simply use this as a way to exercise those muscles for yourself. Either way, you’re working toward something new—something innovative—and that’s only going to help you and your brand as you do!

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