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Go, Make An Impact!

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” - Jackie Robinson

Impact - that’s exactly what happened to both Jessica and Dallen. Remember the story I told you about the young parents and the amazingly kind UPS Driver? (Read it here if you missed it).

His doorbell message gave her hope just when she needed it most. It made an impact and started a ripple effect the likes of which neither of them expected.

Encouraged by his words, Jessica shared the video to her Instagram account. She wanted to put his kindness on display for others and hopefully find him in the process. Within one day, that video was viewed more than 20,000 times. Local and national news stations picked up the story. Companies reached out to offer free baby supplies to both families. UPS offered Dallen a full-time job when the holiday season was over. Eventually, Jessica even shared Dallen’s baby registry with her followers, and within a day, every single item had been purchased and sent to Dallen’s home.

One brief message left on a doorbell camera impacted a new mom and came back full circle to impact the man who left it in the first place. Just imagine what might happen if we all chose to start seeing every customer for the person they are and share a little hope that’s on the horizon? We may never hear about all the impact we make on a customer’s life. We may never get the privilege of seeing that impact come back full-circle. But just know, with each smile we give, with each kind word we share, with each opportunity we take to go above and beyond, we are making an impact and starting a ripple. That alone can be enough for us to keep going!

We have the power at our fingertips to impact our customers in ways we don’t even realize. It’s in every decision we make to give them an exceptional customer experience.

It’s in choosing a mindset that believes impact matters.

It’s in creating a culture where impact is foundational.

It’s in knowing our customers well enough to know what we can do to make that impact.

It’s in choosing to differentiate and set ourselves apart as people who want to make an impact.

It’s in knowing how to make things better for them so the impact is felt.

My hope is that you see yourself as a steward of impact. That it allows you to challenge yourself to make an impact no matter what your job is. That it pushes you to be a person who looks for the potential for impact in every detail of your job and every interaction you have with your customers.

So, the call to each of us is simply this:

Go make an impact.

The world needs you to do it.


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