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Hope On The Horizon

My friend Nick operates a restaurant in his community where a man named Mr. Waters stops by for breakfast every single morning. On one of those mornings, Nick stopped to sit with Mr. Waters for a few minutes.

“Why do you come here every morning?” Nick asked him. “You could have breakfast at a different place each day, but you always come here. Why is that?”

Mr. Waters smiled. “Nick, I come here because it gives me hope.”

Nick was shocked. How could a few hash browns and a cup of coffee offer that much hope to anyone?

“It’s the way you greet me when I walk in the door,” Mr. Waters went on to explain. “It’s the way your team interacts with each other. It’s the way you always remember my order. You guys are kind, and that gives me hope that there is still kindness in the world. Sure, the food is good, but the hope is what keeps me coming back.”

We all need that reminder, don’t we? We all need someone to show us there is hope on the horizon in this world.

Well, my friends, you are the bearers of that message. And remember, impact on others often comes in disguise. It isn’t screaming at us or shouting for our attention. Sometimes it appears as inconvenience or disruption. Sometimes it just quietly passes by, easily overlooked with all the other things on our minds. Sometimes it comes in the places you didn’t even think to look for it. Sometimes it comes in the moments you least expect.

When you’re the flight attendant helping a passenger find a place to put their bag in the overhead bins on the flight home from burying their father.

When you’re the person staying on the line at the call center while a customer goes to find their credit card to order a sling for their child who just broke an arm.

When you’re the nurse responding to the vocal family members of one of your patients.

When you’re the collections agent showing patience and grace to a customer who is anxious and trying to figure out how to pay their bills.

When you’re the server at a restaurant waiting the table of a family out to celebrate their child who read their first book through the struggles of dyslexia.

When you’re the pharmacy tech filling the order for medication to treat a cancer patient.

When you’re the mechanic fixing the car for a recently widowed woman who’s never had to handle these things by herself.

When you’re the person delivering groceries to a man who just lost his wife after 60 years of marriage.

When you’re the Linda at Nordstrom who takes the time to put a stressed-out woman and her daughter at ease.

Those simple, everyday things you do to give your customers an exceptional experience? They may just be the very things that remind someone that hope is on the horizon.

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